Going solo has a slew of advantages and making more money behind the chair is just the start!

Independence, flexibility and autonomy… These are just some of the reasons I’ve chosen to become an independent hairstylist. Rather than working for a salon owned by a corporation or a private owner, I’ve gone out on my own and I love it! Sure, having a base salary can have its advantages but being able to call my working hours (yes, I take a 90-minute lunch/yoga break regularly) and working conditions, AND make higher wages  extremely liberating for my creative energy and overall well being. What are some benefits of striking out on your own? Read on and find out!

Be Your Own Boss

No more toxic salon owners or gossipy colleagues. Being independent  removes me from that and means that I get to make my own decisions, schedule my working hours, and most importantly set my prices and service menu. There’s no morning meeting I need to rush to attend, I get to set up on my choice of days, and on a quiet day, I can close up and head off to pursue my other interests. No more idling about and wasting my time waiting for a customer to walk through the door, I work by appointments only and use the tools of my choice, not one I have to work with because the salon has a marketing partnership with a particular brand. It’s also been really exciting to set my own service menu. If there is a low value styling, cutting or other menu item that I am no longer interested in filling my time with I do not have to! Working in the style that I want has taken me to the next level skill wise and creatively. 

Choosing When I Work

Being an independent beauty creator allows a great amount of flexibility in my working hours which is honestly a huge plus. If I see cheap tickets to Europe or Mexico, I can head off for a few weeks, no questions asked, no leave application required. I can front-load my clients, re-schedule some and go on a vacation without worrying if I’m meeting my revenue goals. As a non-morning person, I don’t need to be there at 9 am, I can book back-to-back appointments all afternoon, or never work Mondays again, ever. Being able to make my working schedule also means I’ll never miss another big family celebration or school pick-up and I don’t have to spend my only off day running errands. 

I Keep All of My Income 

Ok now let’s talk about the  biggest advantage of being an independent: setting rates according to what I think my services are worth rather than following a salon’s in-house fee scale!  This is massively game changing and also means I can run my promotions and introduce special packages when there’s a need, not just because it’s the festive season. Going solo also means keeping 100% of your tips (no tip pool sharing!) and product sales revenue which can be a great source of extra income as it's not counted towards my hourly rate or salary. This is a huge motivator as I am no longer drawing a fixed income but have essentially unlocked my earning potential. I can build my client book, introduce a loyalty program and choose only to accept customers who seek me out for my expertise and are happy to pay my rates. Would I prefer to be paid $14/hour for eight hours or take home $200/day and work just three hours? I think the math says it all. 

Working In A Space That Vibes With Me 

As a creative individual, I need to thrive in my working environment and certain settings just vibe with me better. I veer towards a classic meets contemporary setting that’s minimalist but not cold with customer-centric touches and background music that doesn’t drive me up the wall. Being location independent I can find a salon setting that works with my creative energy, and on a practical front, also means I don’t have to commit to a long commute so long as it’s a space I can work out of.

I Can Build My Niche 

Working for a salon means having to do some, if not all of the following: hair wash, blow drys, scalp and hair treatments, recommending styling options, and selling hair-care products. Honestly, I don’t love a lot of it. I rather focus on amplifying my technical skills and getting known for my expertise. As part of a salon, I have to accept any customer that walks through the door and chances are, I can’t get too creative. As an independent, it’s up to me to build rapport with my clients, flex my skills and work with them to achieve their hair goals – no matter what cut, pattern, or color combination they’re looking for. 

I Will Grow As An Entrepreneur 

Today I might be an independent hairstylist, tomorrow, who knows? Seeing myself as more than just an individual contributor opens a wealth of opportunity. By becoming independent, I’m automatically a business owner, which means I call the shots and decide what I charge for certain services. Perhaps I put a premium on my balayage skills because not many other salons offer that in my area, or I might decide to do a 15% discount on all first-time customers. I can also choose to raise (or lower) rates and will be constantly challenged to find new and innovative ways to source and retain clients while marketing myself and my services to reach an optimal level. 

If you are interested in striking out on your own, contact ArtistonGo and find out how you can rent a salon space according to your needs, by the hour, or by the month. We can offer your business a fully furnished salon with full backbar access starting from $790/mo and hourly plans from $20/hr. Contact us today to find out more.

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