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A personalized chair rental solution for every stylist

Independent, commission, or just trying it out — we have the perfect salon for you at a price that works for you!

  • Up-and-coming hairstylist

    Up-and-coming hairstylist

    Rising Artist

  • Busy colorist

    Busy colorist

    Busy colorist

  • Extension specialist

    Extension specialist

    Extension specialist

Dream big,
sacrifice nothing.

We have everything you need. Your booking includes everything you need to make your clients happy:







Choose the rental plan,
for your budget and schedule.

Create A plan for your needs: Monthly, Weekly, or À La Carte Options.

Best Plan

Monthly Plan

Rent hours or full days

Best for artists with a client book and full schedule


/ 3 days per week

(from $125 per day)


Rent full days (full day pass) or choose different hours each day

Work at the salon of your choice

Guaranteed chair at your chosen salon

Storage for your color and tools

Assistants available for hire

Refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Water)

Online bookings and payments

A personal concierge on text

30% cheaper than other salons

A La Carte

Work and pay hourly

Best solution for artists who need schedule flexibility


/ hour

(or $160 per day)


Book any hours at any salon

Book according to availability

30% cheaper than other salons

Refreshments (Tea, Coffee, Water)

Online bookings and payments

Find out how much more you can take home!

Pick the clients & the service and see for yourself what you can be making each month by renting with AOG.

    • $100
    • $120
    • $140
    • $160
    • $180
    • $200
    • 0
    • 20
    • 40
    • 60
    • 80
    • 100
    • 120
    • 0%
    • 10%
    • 20%
    • 30%
    • 40%
    • 50%
    • 60%


What you make by renting with AOG


What you make without AOG

Our calculator tells you how much more money you can take home each month by renting with ArtistOnGo.

We are the best solution, for independent stylists!

Rent per week

Savings (%)

Salon that matches your vibe


Flexible payment plans

Extended access to salon

Loyalty perks, rewards

Manage bookings online







Chair rental



Suite rental



Check out
our community

Gregory Patterson, Hairstylist

Takamichi Hair, New York City

Takamichi Hair, New York City, LES, Bowery

“I started ranting a salon after college. It helps me become an entrepreneur and lay down a path to financial freedom!”

Luiz Antonio, Hairstylist

Antonio Pagano, New York City, Soho

Antonio Pagano, New York City, Soho

“AOG allowed me to be fearless and live the life that I want.”

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