How ArtistOnGo

1. Find the perfect salon

With a few easy online questions, we will help you find the salon that suits your needs (location, amenities, vibe, everything).

2. Choose a pricing plan

Plans range from hourly to monthly... we will find what works for you

3. Book your chair

Once you have a time and day to see your client, book your chair through our website or via SMS.

4. See your client at the salon

All you have to do is show up! The salon will know you are coming and you will have full access to the backbar and salon amenities.

What makes
ArtistOnGo different?

Commission Artists

You make your own schedule. No more giving away your money in commissions

Total control over schedule
Keep 100% of your income
Be your own boss
Total creative control

Recommended Plans

Booth Renters

No more contracts or paying rent when you aren't seeing clients

Beautiful salon
No contracts
Pay for what you use
All amenities included

Recommended Plan

House Call Artists

No more traveling all over town to your client’s houses and washing their hair in the kitchen sink.

Beautiful salon
Convenient location
Full salon amenties
Storage at salon

Recommended Plan

What is the right
plan for me?

Monthly Rental


Up to 30% savings

What you get...
 40 hours at a salon of your choice
 Work at the same salon
 Guaranteed chair at a salon of your choice
 Storage for your color and tools
The Monthly Pass
is perfect for Artists
 Seeing more than 5 clients per week
 Prefer to work at one salon, with storage
 Independent artist renting a suite or salon chair
 Commission artist looking to go independent
Salon Pass
for 10 hrs


Up to 25% savings

What you get...
 10 hours of salon chair rental
 Only pay while you are using the salon
 Use the same or different salons
The Salon Pass
is perfect for Artists
 Seeking a little more flexibility
 Independent artists doing house calls
Hourly Rental
Starting from


What you get...
 Rent a chair by the hour
 Only pay for the hours you use
Book at any salon
The Hourly Rental
is perfect for Artists
 Renting a chair on a one off basis
 Traveling or editorial artists
All our plans include
 Full access to the backbar
 Free use of towels, bowls and sinks
Personal bookings concierge

Used by thousands
of artists

Become one of them!


Getting started

It's really easy. Take our online quiz to receive recommended salons that suit your vibe and needs. Once you have picked a salon, schedule a Free Trial. After your free trial, you can choose one of our flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing options, which can be hourly, daily or monthly.

Of course. We know how important it is for you to have access to the full facilities of the salon. That is why whenever you rent a salon chair with ArtistOnGo, you will get full access to that salon's backbar, products and other amenities like coffee and tea for your clients.

Most of our salons will allow you to purchase color while you are working there. You will be able to organize this in advance through ArtistOnGo.

Is this for me?

Yes, ArtistOnGo is the perfect solution for Artists that are already independent. You can rent a chair in a salon you love, pay only while you are using the salon and have full access to the backbar, towels, sinks and other amenities like tea and coffee for your clients.

Yes, renting a chair through ArtistOnGo gives you all the comforts of being able to work at your preferred salon everyday. The only difference is you will be able to control your schedule and make significantly more income.

With ArtistOnGo, you pay a fixed amount to rent a salon chair by the hour. This means you have full control over your schedule and keep 100% of the income you earn.


We have different pricing options to suit your specific needs and budget. Our monthly plans start from $790/mo and hourly plans from $20/hr. With ArtistOnGo, you only pay for the time you are actually using the salon.

Yes! We have monthly plans available starting from $790/mo. Our monthly plans include storage, which is valued at $200.

The Salon Pass allows you to purchase 10 hours that you can use at any salon for $210. This means you can rent a chair in Top Salons for $20 per hour and only pay for the time you are using the salon.

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